About Us

Forward in Faith Ministries International was birthed through a divine calling, when God called a young man living in the remote area of Ngaone in Chipinge, Zimbabwe. Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti was compelled to seek the creator, and although not having access to a preacher or a bible, Ezekiel had experience and encounter with God in which after many days of crying "Creator, if you are there, save my soul," the Lord responded audibly saying "Fear Not, Sin Not." As God revealed Himself to Ezekiel Guti, little did anyone imagine that it would result in a ministry that has now reached over 100 nations and states worldwide. FIFMI (also known as ZAOGA in Zimbabwe), is one of the most powerful movements in post-biblical Christianity,changing millions of lives through the vision given by God to founder Archbishop Dr. Ezekiel H. Guti.

Archbishop Dr. EH Guti

He is the founder of Forward in Faith Ministries International, one of the largest and fastest growing churches which has spread to over 100 nations and states. A gifted evangelist, a veteran pastor, and renowned prophet with unmistakable marks of apostleship, Dr. Guti is a humble servant of God, and has distinguished himself as a leading personality in the Pentecostal world.

In 2010, ZAOGA FIFMI celebrated its 50th anniversary, where Apostle Dr. EH Guti addresses a crowd of over 50,000 believers in Zimbabwe at the national sports stadium in Harare. The event was historical, and was broadcast live on Ezekiel TV, a Christian television network broadcasting from South Africa, found by Apostles Dr. Ezekiel and Eunor Guti. Having traveled the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ followed by miracles and signs, Dr. Guti continues to minister wisdom and demonstration of the power of God worldwide. Academic credentials include BA;MA;DD;D.Min and a Ph.D in religion. He holds a Bachelor of Christian Education and a Doctorate from Northgate Graduate School and Zoe College U.S.A

Apostle Eunor Guti

Has been called by God to various areas of ministry, and has inspired the hearts of thousands worldwide with her gift of Evangelism. In working as a team with her husband Archbishop Dr. Ezekiel Guti, she has led many souls to Jesus Christ, and continues working diligently as an apostle, evangelist, wife, mother, and servant of the Lord. She is a mother, an inspiration to many, and a friend to young people.

Apostle Dr Eunor Guti holds a B.A; M.A; and a D.Min from Friends University. She is a recipient of the Esther's Leadership Award from the Third World Leaders Association presented to her by the Honorable Prime Minister of the Bahamas. Apostle Eunor Guti is the Director of the Women's Ministry in Forward in Faith Ministries International, and has founded several women’s ministries that have impacted millions including political leaders throughout Africa. She is a great motivator who has inspired intercession groups and spoken in multiple women's conferences, family conventions, youth and leadership seminars all over the world.